Why Bring A Child Into This World?

This beautiful video is something that all parents and children should watch. We all worry about the future of our planet for countless reasons-global warming, environmental destruction, wars, etc. It is easy to see the grim future that our globe can appear to have. The Millennium Development Goals point out worldwide shortcomings and the amount of work we have ahead in improving our home. However, as we approach the new year of 2014, maybe it is time to look back on all the progress we have made over the years to see that our globe is improving and is a beautiful place to live and bring a child into.

Our children have a better chance of meeting their grandchildren and great grandchildren than ever. In 1900, the average life expectancy for a man was 46.3, in 1950 it was 65.6, and now it is 76 (81 for women!). This year on my grandfathers 91st birthday he will have already met his great grandchild.

As the video by Unilever points out, clean water has never been so available, which has led to many once common illnesses now being prevented. There are still 783 million people without access to clean water but this is a vast improvement – 2 billion people since 1990 have gained access. People are healthier all over because of this. Food security and resources are improving, and malnutrition is declining.

Children should be brought into a world of promise and of hope. This is just one of the many areas that has gotten better in the last century. Modern medicine is more advanced than ever thought possible. Technological advances are giving us things some never thought possible. The Internet connects people all over the world! While we should always look toward the future to see how we can be better, it is also important to see how far we have come to find the motivation to improve and to appreciate the strides made before us.



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