HEALTH SYSTEMS- An overview of affairs in India


India has made remarkable strides in increasing the life expectancy of its citizens. Until the 1980’s Government run hospitals were the main providers of healthcare in India. However, over the last decade the Indian medical system has undergone drastic transition with increasingly strong participation by the corporate and the private sector. Private and corporate hospitals, nursing homes and clinics play a major role in administration of Indian healthcare. These private hospitals and clinics are highly advanced and provide world-class medical services. As part of the social and economic needs of the country corporate hospitals are also obliged to care for patients who are economically disadvantaged.
As the world is becoming progressively interconnected and complex, health is perceived as the cumulative outcome of ecological, social-cultural and economic determinants. Therefore, it can be seen as an important high-level integrating index that reflects the state-and, in the long term, the sustainability-of our natural and socio-economic environments.

The Indian medical education system is organized and strict, which ensures that the doctors, nurses and medical staff are suitably qualified and have proper potential and experience to deliver best quality medical; treatment. The system is different from that in the USA and many other countries in the fact that there are no premedical subjects taught in the first year of medical university, instead they are introduced to the basic medical subjects. This is made possible by India’s Higher Secondary School System, which covers all those pre medical subjects.
I wish to talk about prevalance of Tuberculosis in India which has emerged as the greatest danger to India threatening the health of millions. Specificallym, dental surgeons are at a higher risk of contracting the disease since they work in great proximity to Oral Nasal region. More than 4,500 people die every day unable to battle the disease. It is not AIDS that will be India’s greatest threat. It dint come as a surprise when three of my colleagues at the hospital were diagnosed with Tubercular lymphadenitis. From there began my journey to explore more on TB, Its prevalence among dental surgeons and its prevention. It is beyond the scope of this article for me to mention all of my readings, researches and conclusions but I promise I will write more about it at first available opportunity. It shall indeed be a pleasure to share with all of you my experiences with the disease and its


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