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As it was addressed in Jeremy’s article “A social explanation for the rise and fall of global health issues,” there are some priority issues in the health policy making. We tend to talk more about the things that we care more and leave out the things that we care less. He tries to draw attention to the social factors to explain this phenomenon and argues that the reason why certain diseases are more likely to receive investment is ‘possibly’ because of the social presumptions shared by the participants in the health policy making process. However I believe the generation and management of the knowledge deserves the most effort of all other factors in the process of public health policy making. Global health issues are understood in the framework of institutions, and they get to establish the norms and regulations for the better health of the world. Therefore it may sound like the ‘social constructionism’ explains the mismatches in the health issues. However it relies much on ideological or morphological ideas and misdirects the health care systems by allocating resources without setting proper priorities. Reframing of the health issues and health system is required to understand the whole picture of global health system and its current challenges. In order to do so, restructuring of the institutions need to come first. Since individual health workers are the fundamental part of the institutions, health workers hold the key roles.


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