Health vs. Wealth, Which side, are you on?

Don’t be frightened off just because I mention the phrase “Health Insurance” throughout some of these words. I wont talk about American Health Insurance or any new type of plan that Obama may have. What I do want to talk about is a form of corruption being used by medical providers to health insurance. Now you may think its funny or ironic that it’s not the health insurance being corruptive but “the good guys”. The type of corruption that I am referring to is when medical staff and institutions try to milk Insurance companies for all there worth.

Now you may ask what is the problem with hospitals trying to get as much money from insurance companies? There come a lot of problems with raising cost of health care treatments. One example can be seen in the Chinese system where hospitals were giving patients unnecessary test and appendicitis and pneumonia treatment that the patients didn’t need. Some of these tests, which were costly, had no effect on the patient care. Even the LOS (length of stay) at these clinics was really long, and studies showed that the patient didn’t benefit from the extra stay in hospitals. While the hospitals were following these regiments, cares that were necessary but were cheap were often not prescribed (Wagstaff 2009). Because of these practices to maintain the cost of health insurance was often hard because of the amount of money being spent. This puts medical physicians in a difficult position because they are sacrificing the care of patients for wealth.

This problem is usually seen when you take a national level of health insurance policies and try to implement them into a local scale. Wagstaff argued that if the policies were catered to cover the cost of illness and diseases, and other frequent cost of medical care on a local level the system might work. What is the point of covering the most expensive medical procedures when the population rarely has those types of conditions? While frequent medical costs for prescriptions and non-invasive conditions actually put a financial burden on the low economic populations. I was thinking about this for a while and I thought it might be like the case of Robin Hood who steals from the rich in order to give to the poor. Yet, the doctors who in this case would be Robin Hood have forgotten to give back to the poor, a corrupted game where in the end the poor always seem to lose.


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